Simon Morley


Lives and works in South Korea

1977-1980 BA Modern History, Oxford University
1996-1998 MA Fine Art, Goldsmith’s College, University of London
2013 PhD (Fine Art), University of Southampton

One-Person Exhibitions

'Book-painting', Artsonje center, Seoul, Korea
'Lost Horizon', Art First, London
'L'Etranger', Galerie Scrawitch, Paris
‘The Anadyomene Movement’, exhibition for award of PhD, Winchester Gallery, Winchester School of Art, UK
‘The Great Painters’, Taguchi fine art, Tokyo
‘Korea Land of the Dawn, and Other Paintings’, Art Link Gallery, Seoul
‘A Short History of the Twentieth Century’, Art First Gallery, London
‘Six Halls’, Taguchi Fine Art, Tokyo
‘Moon is Homeland Bright’: An Installation, Kyung hee University Museum of Art, Seoul
‘Messagerie’, Musée des Beaux Arts, Dijon, France
‘Hitchcock’s Blondes’, Taguchi Fine Art, Tokyo
‘The Rose Annual, 1924’, Art First Project Space, London
‘Cine Italia’, Metis_NL, Amsterdam
‘Moon Palace’, Paik Hae Young Gallery, Seoul
‘Cine Italia’, Zonca & Zonca, Milan
‘A Short History of Dutch Painting, Part II’, Metis_NL, Amsterdam
‘Classic Japanese Movies’, Taguchi Fine Art, Tokyo
‘The English Series’, Art First, London
‘Bookpainting’, Fiera del Libro d’Arte, Palazzo del Re, Bologna
‘VIRUS’, Taguchi Fine Art, Tokyo
‘A Short History of Dutch Art’, Metis_NL, Amsterdam
‘Rossa’, Spazia, Bologna
‘Reading Room’ (with Maria Chevska), MOCA Peckham and Peckham Library, London
‘A Short History of Modern Japanese Fiction (in Translation)’, Taguchi Fine Art,Tokyo
Solo Presentation, MiArt, Milan (Percy Miller Gallery)
‘Post Card’, Percy Miller Gallery, London
‘The Life of Things’, 3 Degrees West Gallery, Wordsworth Trust, Grasmere (Artist-in-Residence exhibition)
‘The Unfortunate Tourist of Helvellyn and his Faithful Dog’, 3 Degrees West Gallery, Wordsworth Trust
‘Italian Holiday’, Zero arte contemporanea, Piacenza, Italy
‘The Collected Works of George Orwell, and Other Paintings’, Percy Miller Gallery, London

Selected Group Exhibitions

‘Universal studios‘, Seoul Museum of art, Korea
‘Mémoire de guerre’, Clamecy museum, France
Kunsthalle Faust, Hannover, Germany
‘Natural History’, Art First, London
Chang Eun-Bok’s Boutique Hotel “Peach Blossom Dream’, Seoul Museum of Modern Art, Living Arts Museum, Seoul
‘MONOCROMI’, Galleria Spazia, Bologna
Gwangju Design Biennale (collaboration with Chang Eung-Bok), Gwangju, South Korea
Poznan Mediations Biennial, ‘The Unknown’, Poznan, Poland (selected by Friedhelm Mennekes)
REAL DMZ, Cheorwon Province, South Korea, curated by Samuso
‘Guest from the Future’ (two-person show with Maria Chevska), Galerie8, London
‘Gyeonggi Creation Center Residency Program Exhibition’, Incheon Art Platform, South Korea
‘Self-Taught’, Uri and Rami Museum,Ashdot Yaacov, Israel
Michael Petry’s ‘Golden Rain’, On the Edge exhibition, Savenger, Norway, European Capital of Culture Exhibition
‘Les Mots pour le faire’, with Yves Chaudouet and Maria Chevska, Musée Romain Rolland, Clamecy, France
‘A Picture of Britain’, Tate Britain, London
‘Ex Roma’, Abbey Award Winners Exhibition, APT Gallery, London
‘Lost and Found in Translation’, Newlyn Art Gallery, Newlyn, Cornwall
'Art is a Word', Benefit exhibition for the Museums of Israel, Christie’s, London
‘Melt’, British School in Rome
Gallery Artists, Taguchi Fine Art, Tokyo
‘Compass’, Sala 1, Rome
‘Ancoats Hospital: After L.S. Lowry’, Nunnery Gallery, London
The Book Show’, The Wordsworth Trust, Grasmere, Cumbria
‘The Book Show’, (curator/exhibitor), Nunnery Gallery, London
‘A…parole’, Cortili di Casa Sanna-Meloni, Berchidda, Sardinia, as part of ‘DelSegno, Del Suona e della Parola, PAV
‘The Unfortunate Tourist of Helvellyn and his Faithful Dog’, (exhibition, conception, design, and contribution) The Wordsworth Trust, Grasmere, Cumbria
‘The Cover Theory’, Ex-Centrale Electrica, Piacenza, Italy (curated by Mario Sinaldi)
‘Sumptuous’, Ex Macelli Pubblici, Prato, Italy (curated by Palazzo delle Papesse Centro d’Arte Contemporanea, Siena)
‘L’Ultima Cena’’, Castello del’Ovo, Napoli, Italy (curated by Massimo Sgroi)
‘Fluent: Painting and Words’, Camberwell Art School Gallery, London
‘Red Spy’, Fortezza della Brunella, Aulla, Italy
‘La Forma delle Forme’, Villa Braghieri-Castel, Modena, Italy
‘New Religious Art’, Henry Peacock Gallery, London
The Open, Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool
‘Bibliomania’ (edited by Simon Morris), Printed Matter, New York
‘Fabric’ Abbott Hall, Kendal
‘Private Views’, London Print Studio, Herbert Read Gallery, KIAD, Canterbury
‘showhouse’, PM House and Gallery, London
‘East Wing No. 5’, Courtauld Institute, London
‘Artmart’, 291 Gallery, London
EAST International, Norwich (selected by Mary Kelly and Peter Wollen)
‘Wax’, Auction in aid of Cancer Research
‘Closer Still’, (Southern Arts Touring Show) Winchester School of Art Artsway, Sway
‘9,8m/s2’, Zero arte contemporanea, Piacenza, Italy
‘Art Futures’, Contemporary Art Society, Barbican, London
Occupation Studios Fund Raiser, Platform Gallery, London
‘The Wreck of Hope’, The Nunnery Gallery, London, (artist/co-curator)
‘Chora’, Abbot Hall, Kendal
South Hill Park, Bracknell
Hotbath Gallery, Bath
‘Chora’, 30 Underwood Street Gallery, London (artist/co-curator)
‘Six Young British Artists’, Gallerie Axel Thieme, Darmstadt, Germany
‘The Discerning Eye’ (invited by Charlotte Mullins), Mall Gallery, London
‘Hub’, (curated by Above/Below), Bishopsgate, London
‘Ninenineninetynine’, Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, London
‘Wunderkammer’, 13 Laburnum Lodge, London
‘After Jackson Pollock’, Sali Gia Gallery, London (artist/curator)
‘Networking’, P-House, Tokyo, Japan
‘A State of Affairs’, Arthur R. Rose, London
‘Cluster Bomb’, Morrison-Judd Gallery, London
‘The Bible of Networking’, Sali Gia Gallery, London
‘Souvenirs’, (curated by Above/Below), Museum Street, London
‘Absolut Secret’, Royal College of Art, London

Public Art Projects

Peckham Library, London in association with MoCA, London
Funded by Peckham Council, London
High Street Redevelopment Project, Reading (Shortlisted Proposal)
Commission: Contemporary Art Society, London and Reading Borough Council
Brick Lane, London
Commission: Cityside Development
St. George’s Cemetery Garden, Bloomsbury, London (unrealised Commission),
Commission: Camden Council/Heritage Lottery Fund
Museum Street, Bloomsbury, London
Commission: Above/Below

Awards, Residencies & Fellowships

Artist in Residence, Gyeonggi Creation Center, Korea
Artist in Residence, Paik Hae Young Gallery, Seoul
Artist in Residence, Centre d’Art Contemporain Parc Saint Leger, Pougues-les-Eaux, Burgundy, France
Abbey Fellow in Painting, The British School in Rome
British Council Travel Award (Japan)
Artist-in-Residence, The Wordsworth Trust, Grasmere, Cumbria
Elephant Trust Grant
London Arts Board Grant

Public and Corporate Collections

Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art
Musee des Beaux Arts, Dijon
Akxo Nobel, Holland
Cityside Development, London
Musee Romain Rolland, Clamecy, France
Tate Gallery Library, London
Victoria and Albert Museum Library, London
Wordsworth Trust, Grasmere, Cumbria
Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London
Winchester School of Art Artists’ Book Collection

Utopia Press (Simon Morley) Publications
Exhibition catalogues and Artists’ Books designed by Simon Morley

‘Korea Land of the Dawn’, essay by Hwang In and Introduction by Martin Uden, in collaboration with Art Link gallery, Seoul
‘Guest from the Future’, essay by Chris Townsend, published with Galerie8
‘Messagerie’, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Dijon
‘The English Series’, Essay by Gabriel Coxhead, Published in collaboration with Art First
‘A Short History of Dutch Painting (Part II)’, Essays by Inke van Rijn and Simon Morley, Published in collaboration with Metis_NL
‘Simon Morley’s Classic Japanese Movies’, Essays by Simon Pummell and Simon Morley, Published in collaboration with Taguchi Fine Art
‘Rossa’, Essays by Omar Calabrese and Simon Morley, Published in association with Galleria Spazia, Bologna
‘Reading Room’, Essays by Michael Petry, Jerzy Kierkuc-Bielinski, Published in association with MOCA London
‘The Book Show’Essay by Simon Morley, Published in association with The Nunnery, London
‘Post Card: Six Messages from the Twentieth Century, Published in association with Percy Miller Gallery, London
‘A Short History of Japanese Fiction (in Translation)’, Essay by Jemima Montagu, Published in association with Taguchi Fine Art, Tokyo
‘The Unfortunate Tourist of Helvellyn and his Faithful Dog’, Published in association with The Wordsworth Trust, Grasmere, Cumbria
Winner Northern Arts Catalogue Award, Shortlisted Art NewspaperCatalogue of the Yaer Award
‘Elegy’, with Jack Mapanje and Robert Woof, Published in association with The Wordsworth Trust, Grasmere, Cumbria
‘Italian Holiday’, Essays by Alain de Botton, Neal Brown, Chiara Guidi, Published in association with Zero arte contemporanea, Piacenza
‘Collected Works of George Orwell and other Paintings’, Essays by Simon Morley, Neal Brown, Published in association with Percy Miller Gallery

Selected Reviews and Publications

‘The Painted Book’, Peter Terzian, Print Magazine
‘Art & Text: A Survey of Contemporary Art’, Blackdog Publishing
‘Simon Morley’ by David Brazier, Meeting Artists, Amida Trust, 2008
Brian Dillon, ‘The Liquid Page’,  Frieze Magazine,  118, October 2008
‘A Picture of Britain’,David Blamey Brown, ex. cat. Tate Britai
‘VIRUS”, ‘Geijutsu Shincho’, Japan, November 2005
'Art is a Word', catalogue, BFMI, London
‘A Short History…’, Joe Suzuki, ‘Memo’, (Japan), October 2004
‘A Short History…’, ‘Bijtuso’ (Japan), December 2004
‘A Short History…’, ‘Geijutsu Shincho’ (Japan), November 2004
British School Art Rome, Catalogue 2004 British School at Rome, Annual Report 2003-20004 (cover image)
‘The Book Show’, Frieze, Winter 2004
‘Compass’, Flash Art (Italia), May 2004
‘Simon Morley’, Anthony Downey, Contemporary, issue 58
‘Roundup: Preview’, Richard Dyer, Contemporary, issue 57
‘Post Card’,Time Out, 18th November
‘Post Card’, Sue Hubbard, Independent, 21st October
‘The Unfortunate Tourist’, BBC,’Northwest Tonight’, 6th February
‘The Unfortunate Tourist’, Border TV, ‘Look Around’, 17th February
‘The Unfortunate Tourist, The Independent, 8th February
‘Pet Rescue’, Jonathan Jones, The Guardian, 15th March
‘Italian Holiday,’review, Tema Celeste, Autumn
‘Italian Holiday’, catalogue, with essays by Alain de Botton, Neal Brown and Chiara Guidi.Italian Holiday’, Preview, ‘The Art Newspaper’, June
‘New Religious Art’, Sally O’Reilly, Modern Painters, Autumn
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‘Dereliction Chic’, Mark Gisbourne and ‘London Independents’, Contemporary Visual Arts,
‘After Jackson Pollock’, Preview, Contemporary Visual Arts, No 23
‘After Jackson Pollock’, Preview by Louisa Buck, Art Newspaper, April

Simon Morley « Mémoire de guerre »

Exposition pour le centenaire du début de la Grande Guerre.

28 juin - 15 novembre
Musée Romain Rolland, Clamecy, France

Simon Morley Universal studios

2014-06-17 ~ 2014-08-10
Seoul museum of art, Seoul, Korea

Simon Morley Book-Painting

Simon Morley Artsonje Installation

7 - 23 march
Artsonje center, Seoul, Korea

Simon Morley Lost Horizon

SimonMorleyShangriLaFor Simon Morley’s third exhibition at Art First, he tackles the conundrum of Utopia, an appropriate subject for the editor of the Whitechapel Gallery’s recent publication The Sublime. As writer and artist Morley constantly explores and examines society and its mores.
5 february - 22 march
Art first gallery, London

Simon Morley Biennale de Gwangju

Simon Morley GwangjuGUSIGI, MASIGI (Anything, Something) : the 5th Gwangju Design Biennale will explore cultural habits, shared characteristics, and coded conventions that inform the many unspoken contexts by which we communicate with one another.
september 6 - november 6
Gwangju (South Korea)

Simon Morley Crossing Space

morleyHannoverEine Ausstellung im Rahmen des internationalen Kunstprojektes "Hotel de Inmigrantes". Interventionen im Echtzeitraum des Wohnprojektes Stadtteilleben.
september 4 - 22
Kunsthalle Faust, Hannover

Installations shots

Simon Morley solo show, Winchester gallery